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Solution Description

Plastic Black Nylon Rope Sheave Pulley Transmission Pulleys CZPT CZPT r CZPT

1) V-Belt pulleys for taper bushes


Groove  variety assortment 
one  50~five hundred 
2  50~630 
3  sixty three~630 
4  80~630 
5  eighty five~630 
six  one hundred~630 
eight  a hundred and forty~630 

Groove  sort selection 
one  sixty three~630 
two  63~800 
three  seventy one~900 
4  90~900 
five  one hundred~900 
6  100~900 




Groove  type selection 
one  100~315 
2  one hundred~800 
three  a hundred~1250 
4  125~1250 
five  a hundred twenty five~1250 
6  a hundred and forty~1250 
8  one hundred seventy~1250 
10  224~a thousand 


Groove  variety variety 
three  200~1250 
four  200~1250 
five  200~1250 
six  two hundred~1250 
eight  two hundred~1250

2)V-belt pulleys with solid hub


Groove  sort selection 
1  forty five~355 
2  forty five~four hundred 
3  45~400 

Groove  type variety 
one  40~560 
two  40~630 
3  fifty six~630 
4  63~630 
five  sixty three~630 



Groove  variety range 
1  fifty six~630 
2  56~630 
3  fifty six~630 
four  eighty~630 
five  80~630 
six  one hundred~630 

Groove  sort selection 
1  one hundred~315 
2  one hundred thirty~450 
three  one hundred forty~630 
four  150~630 
5  one hundred eighty~630 
six  one hundred eighty~630 


3) Adjustable CZPT V-belt pulleys prebored and for taper bushes


Kind  Profile 
5VS092-one  10X6 SPZ 
5VS093-one  10X6 13X8 
5VS108-one  10X6 13X8 SPZ SPA 
5VS120-one  10X6 13X8 SPZ SPA 
5VS138-one  10X6 13X8 SPZ SPA 
5VS159-1  10X8 SPA 
5VS180-one  10X8 17X11 SPA SPB 
5VS120-2  10X6 13 X8 SPZ SPA 
5VS138-two  10X6 13 X8 SPZ SPA 
5VS159-2  13X8 SPA 
5VS180-2  13X8 17X11 SPA SPB 
5VS200-two  13X8 17X11 SPA SPB 
5VS250-two  13X8 17X11 SPA SPB SPC 






Set pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at one particular position. While the power needed to carry or go an object is no distinct than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys let you to alter the course of the necessary power. For illustration, when hooked up to a bucket that attracts h2o from a well, a stationary h2o puller permits you to pull the h2o sideways, lifting the bucket in a far more practical way than pulling it vertically, one hand at a time. The bodyweight of the bucket is even now the identical, but it is simpler to raise.
china shop Plastic Black Nylon Rope Sheave Pulley Transmission Pulleys China Manufacturer Industrial manufacturers

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